"A luxury located in a unique location,
with a variety of amazing aesthetic values,
are sure to make your experience a great one.."

Solia Hotel Group is under the company PT. Hailai Sinar Cemerlang, based in Solo. In 2020, the company launched Solia Hotels brand with “Solia Zigna” of 4 stars brand and “Solia Yosodipuro” of 3 stars brand in Solo. Solia means Solid and Mulia (Glorious), in which we expect to become a solid hotel brand expanding in Indonesia, also have a glorious objective to give memorable services dedicated to all guests.


To become a widely recognized hotel company that prioritizes guest satisfaction, owners, and employee welfare as well as being a source of livelihood for the surrounding communities where we operate.


To create more value to guests by presenting different and quality products
by providing friendly and wholehearted service.


Solia Experiences

Discover our surprisingly experiences during your stay


Dolan Kampung Batik Laweyan
Solia Zigna Kampung Batik

A unique, artistic and historic area which is the forerunner of the founding of the city of Solo. In Laweyan you can enjoy Shopping, Industry, Education, Cultural Heritage, History and Culinary Tours. You can enjoy the atmosphere of Laweyan Tempo Doeloe here, adding to its own attraction for domestic and foreign tourists. These artistic and historic ancient houses are relics of the past.

Triwindu Traditional Market

Triwindu market is a traditional market selling antiques which is located in front of Mangkunegaran Palace. It has a new fresh look,modern cultured,after the restoration in 2010. It takes only 10 minutes from Solia Hotel Yosodipuro Solo.

Sunset at Legian Beach
Solia Legian - Kuta

Legian is a mix of the surfing Mecca scenes of Kuta and the partying crowd of Seminyak. It's a great recreational place where you can swim in clear waters and go for leisurely walks along streets lined with boutiques and restaurants.



Re-discover luxury in unique locations



Dedicated to realizing tourism and the creative economy with optimal services. To become a tourism destination of international quality, community-based, which is synergistic, superior, competitive, credible and responsible for the preservation of culture and the natural environment.

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